With the INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM, MTC presents a complete gel card system for geltest bloodgrouping, comprising of 6 column and 8 column bloodgrouping gelcards in a wide selection of bloodgrouping system gelcard configurations covering all relevant applications in bloodgroup serology with blood typing test kits including red blood cells, gelcard reagents, bloodgrouping quality controls for bloodgrouping diagnostics plus a number of detailed products for the manual bloodgrouping workplace, bloodgrouping gel card centrifuge, blood grouping incubator, bloodgrouping gelcard reader and a choice of automated bloodgrouping analyzers - also for combination with other bloodgrouping technologies.

Being amongst the most sensitive bloodgrouping gelcard systems for bloodgrouping antibody detection and antibody  identification in blood grouping, paired with the overwhelming choice of configurations in 6 column gelcard  and 8 column gelcard format and a choice of accessories, make the INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM the  gelcard blood typing system of choice for all users of gel centrifugation technology in immunohematology.