ISBT Basel, Switzerland, 22.-26.6.2019, Booth No. U422    |     presents: INVITROCENT 6 – new smallest footprint 6 card centrifuge    |   INVITRODOC 2.0 – The new documentation software combining all gel card types of logo-medica / logo-medica / logo-medica in one processing and results application    |   INVITROLYZER DELTA   a floor-mounted fully automated analyzer for  INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM gel cards   |   INVITROLYZER ALPHA   a fully automated analyzer for  INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM gel cards   |    INVITROSTAT – a revolutionary 1 minute gel test  |   INVITROLYZEROCTAVIAN  a fully automated hybrid analyzer for simultaneous processing of INVITROGEL TEST SYSTEM gel cards and microplates microplates  


MTC INVITRO offers products in a selection of various technologies available in the field of blood grouping today

Gel centrifugation technology, microplate technology, conventional liquid reagents for use in tube testing and rapid tests for blood grouping - all relevant technologies used in the modern immunohematology laboratory are comprised in the MTC INVITRO product portfolio. Auxiliary products, such as red blood cells, reagents and special tests are available in a wide range for a number of different applications.

For availability and certification of products in your country, please contact your local distributor.